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About us

Digital marketing and the plethora of related services are extremely relevant these days for businesses these days. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to take our business global, instead of remaining within the local boundaries.

Though our business is more than 4 years old, when we first started as a team of four friends, including Monica Sehgal, Sally Ray, Nishant Aggarwal and Aditay Singh, we never dreamt of reaching this milestone of going digital. At the initial stage we were young, naïve, apprehensive of the whole venture, but now we are managing things splendidly. This is one of the biggest reasons behind entering the global platform.

Before now, most of our clients are from the north-east and southern part of the USA, mainly concentrating in and around New York City. But now, we are confident enough to take on the global market and help smaller and medium-sized businesses to grow in multiple countries.

Though at the initial phase of our digital journey, we are concentrating on the USA, the second phase will take our company to countries such as United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and India. We are planning to grow more, but we also understand taking one step at a time is the best plan of action.

We are currently situated at,                       in Brooklyn, but our dream is to get a bigger office and employ more and more brilliant minds of the industry and bring the best services and assistance your business requires. Our aim is to grow bigger and better while helping you to grow as well. Hence, we have designed our services and packages, accessible both individually and in a bulk, to fulfill all your business requirements and propel it to the big leagues.

To know more about the spectrum of services we offer, please visit the rest of the website or simply give us a call. We will be always available to answer your questions and provide the assistance required.