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Business Card

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This package includes :

1. 4 Card Samples
2. File format- .jpg, .png,
3. Source file .Psd
4. Unlimited Revision
5. HD color resolution
6. Unique Design
7. Printable
8. 3 Months refund policy


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Business Card is the method where planning and projection of ideas and experiences are done with both visual and textual content. This field of visual communication uses typography, illustration, designing and photography to communicate and solve problems.

It is the job of a graphic designer to combine images, texts, symbols and such components to create visual representation of both messages and ideas. If the explanations seems to be too tough, then there is a simplified version. You see graphic design around you all the time without even realizing the representative medium. Starting from logos, branding, magazines, books, newspapers, advertising, product packaging, signage and such areas are riffed with graphic design. The simple animation on your favorite shopping website or the stunning logo of a well-known business are all examples of brilliant graphic designing efforts.

Visual images are considered to be one of the most remembered and powerful stimulants of human memory. If you are familiar with a particular business and asked to remember or recognize it at any point of time, then unknowingly you are recalling an image and most of the cases, the image is the logo or brand image of the business. If you want such an impact and immediate recognition for your business, then finding the perfect graphic designing solution is the smartest choice.

Choosing the right graphic designing service and strategic use of the tools will set your business apart from your competitors and make it instantly recognizable. If used properly, you can never go wrong with graphic design and we will make sure that you have the prefect representation. To know more or hire our services, please contact us today.


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