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14,999.00 7,999.00

This package includes :

1. one .com, .in, .org, etc Domain free
2. Hosting Free
3. Unlimited product upload
4. Express Payment integration
5. Google map
6. Contact forms
7. Advanced Content Management System
8. Search Engine friendly URL structuring
9. 3 Years free supports
10. Responsive Design
11. 3 Months refund policy
12. iPhone and Android friendly

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E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the term used for the method of selling products or services or both on the World Wide Web through a website. The whole business process is conducted electronically. Now, with the ability of processing credit cards on the internet, anything can be sold which has changed the façade of electronic business significantly in the last decade.

Having the power and freedom of buying things you want or love or both from the comfort of your home or office and bed or chair without even booting up a computer is quite surreal, but true all the while. So, if you are offering a large number of products or services or both, then it is time take charge of the display and sale and going E-commerce is the wisest option.




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